Natural Dye Workshop III: Organic Dyes to Pigments

Natural Dye Workshop III: Organic Dyes to Pigments

Rejoin Michel Garcia in Lauris, France for a survey of the foundations for organic dyes and pigments in his typical style constructing modern sustainable methods with an eye towards historical traditions and chemical and botanical science. Beginning with a playful demonstration with garden flowers, Michel develops pigments and dyes for a variety of applications including inks for calligraphy, paints for printing and painting on paper and silk, pure pigments for watercolor, lake pigments and Maya Blue for wood and plaster walls, and dye extracts for one-bath dyeing of protein fibers.

Includes in-depth explorations of metallic salts for organic inks using pagoda tree, berries and woods, alum, gall nut, ferrous and titanium; methods for applying color to paper and silk by thickening inks, preparing and stretching fabrics, painting, screen printing, and block printing; precipitating pigments from walnut husks, lake pigments, and storing and preserving pigment pastes; making pure pigments from wild plants, pigment paste to powder, and grinding and bottling pigments; making and storing lake pigment and dyeing, printing, and mordanting on linen with lac extract; creating red, yellow, and blue pigments using madder, weld, and Maya Blue; preparing watercolors; painting on wood and plaster with casein, egg yolk, plaster, and beeswax.

Extended Bonus Notes on are made available with purchase.
Metallic Salts to Make Organic Inks

Experimenting with Flowers
Yellow from Pagoda Tree
Colors from Berries and Woods
Colors with Alum
Black from Gall Nut Tannin
Various Colors with Ferrous and Titanium

Application of Colors on Paper and Silk

Thickening Inks with Gum Arabic
Testing Inks on Paper
Preparing Silk Fabric for Painting
Thickening Silk Paints with Gums
Stretching the Fabric for Painting
Painting Silk with Brushes
Screen Printing on Silk
Block Printing on Silk
Colors on Silk

Precipitating Pigments: Liquid to Paste

Brown Pigment from Walnut Husks
More Lake Pigments
Storing and Preserving Pigment Pastes

Making Pure Pigments

Wild Plants
From Pigment Paste to Powder
Grinding and Bottling Pigments

Lac: Making Lake and Extract

Lake Pigment and Dye Extract
Filtering the Lake Lac and Extract
Storing the Paste
One-Bath Protein Fiber Dyeing
Special Mordant for Linen with Lac Extract
Dyeing and Printing Linen with Lac Extract

The Three Primary Pigments: Red, Yellow, and Blue

Preparing Madder for Pigment Lake and Dye Extract
One-Bath Protein Fiber Dyeing with Madder Extract
Red Pigment from Madder Lake
Yellow Pigment from Weld Lake
Finishing Madder and Weld Lakes
Maya Blue Pigment

Dyeing with Lakes

Re-dissolving Lake for Dyeing Protein Fiber

Preparing Watercolor Paints

Grinding Pigment and Binder for Paint Tubes
Testing Paints on Paper

Painting on Wood and Plaster Walls

Pigment Paint with Casein on Wood
Pigment Paint with Egg Yolk on Wood
Pigment Paint with Plaster on Walls
Polishing Painted Walls with Beeswax
Pigment Paste with Beeswax on Walls and Polishing

Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada (Slow Fiber Studios); directed and filmed by Andrew Galli (Studio Galli); Music composed by Andrew Galli of Galli Creative; 2014. 2 discs; 16:9 aspect; 239 minutes

Natural Dye Workshop III: Organic Dyes to Pigments