Natural Dye Workshop II: Colors of Latin America

Natural Dye Workshop II: Colors of Latin America

Resume your study with master natural dyer Michel Garcia in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he explores dyeing traditions of Latin America in depth. Breaking down traditional methods in his signature style, Michel explains how to achieve red, blue, and yellow natural dyes using sustainable methods on wool fibers including some mentions of yak, alpaca, camel, and goat.

Includes in-depth explorations of mordanting covering alum, aluminum as a bio-accumulator, and tannins; extracting indigo pigment, brewing a vat using fruit skins, and dyeing black and brown on wool; recreating "pre-Columbian nanotechnology" Maya Blue pigment; dyeing yellow with pomegranate, fustic, and lengua de vaca; green shades with indigo; mixed orange shades with lengua de vaca, fustic, cochineal, and silver cochineal; violets and browns with logwood; purple shades with cochineal and indigo; black shades without ferrous components; beige and brown shades with sapote negro. Plus visits to local Oaxacan sites including the Ethnobotanical Garden, Textile Museum, and the Chavez and Mendoza family weavers.

Extended Bonus Notes on are made available with purchase.


Classical Alum Process
Bio-Accumulator of Aluminum
Achieving Multiple Shades of Red
With Cochineal and Logwood
Using Tannins with Organic Acid
Indigo Workshop

Extracting Indigo Pigment
Organic Vat with Local Fruit Skins
Shades of Blue and Black on White and Brown Wool Fibers
Achieving Maya Blue from Indigo: Ancient Method and Hypothesis

Yellow Shades with Alum Mordant

Fustic Wood
Lengua de Vaca
Green Shades from Yellow Fibers with Indigo

Developing Mixed Orange Shades

Lengua de Vaca and Fustic Wood
Four Shades of Orange from Silver Cochineal
Violets and Browns from Logwood

Purple Shades from Cochineal and Indigo

Achieving Black Shades without Ferrous Components

Developing Beige to Brown with Sapote Negro


An introduction to the Oaxaca Ethnobotanical Garden by director Alejandro de Ávila Blomberg
A visit to the Textile Museum of Oaxaca
A visit with the Chavez family weavers
A visit with the Mendoza family weavers
An introduction to the Arts Center of St. Augustine (El Casa)
Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada (Slow Fiber Studios); directed and filmed by Andrew Galli (Studio Galli); 2012. 2 discs; 16:9 aspect; 203 minutes

Natural Dye Workshop II: Colors of Latin America